"Théâtre Thump!" was born in 2008 in Berlin from a forbidden love between two clowns: a small frog (Carole Deborde) and a 'gros rosbif' (Oliver Borowski). Hunted by the Teutonnes hordes, they eventually found asylum in Bordeaux in 2009.

Carole Deborde

An individual with exceptional versatility and experience: An exceptional apple harvester, pilgram, supermarket cashier, call centre operator, teacher, shoplifter, ice-cream seller on the beaches of France, globetrotter, and of course an actrice! She loves Ingrid Jonker, Baudelaire, Peter Brook, les zebres, Murakami, Satrapi, and Sfar. She hates litter, but even more so order, discipline and liberalism (even if wild).

Oliver Borowski

He was born on an exceptional snowy 4th of January in 1979 in Athens! He has in his possession two passports (German and South African), three driving licences (French, German and South African) and five health insurance memberships. He loves 'cuisine' and thus with utmost pride enjoys showing off his bulky curves. He is a remarquable smooth talker, yet always the victim, and therefore is so believable that it's  unbelievable.