Burlesque and Outrageous

for cabaret or streetheatre– 20 minutes

For all ages

"Just like every week, Madame Elsa de la Roche will do the disinfection of her husband, Max. Thanks to her extraordinary mobile machine‚ L’embryonika, she will do a little demonstration so as to make her husband handsome and happy !!!" 

With: Carole Deborde & Oliver Borowski

Artistic consultancy: Tom Roos

Résidences de création:
Theater Hause Mitte, Berlin
Le Garage Lézarts, Lestiac
L'Imprimerie Boucherie, Pneupno, Bordeaux
Zoprod, Poitiers


(Usedom Kleinkunst Festival, Germany, 2010)


(Usedom Kleinkunst Festival, Germany, 2010)


( Sanguinet, France, 2010 )


(Fete de la St.Cloud, Lestiac, France 2010)